Dear Margaret,

On behalf of my sister and myself, Gail and I thank you.  The book 'Touching Lives' is brilliant and very helpful for anyone with mental health issues.   It has helped me understand my mother's high anxiety problems and to learn patience with them.

My sister Gail, who has worked in the mental health system thought it great to see 

something like this in print that was simple and easy to understand for anyone to use

                                                                                         Ava Fisher & Gail Roper

Hi Margaret, 


I have read your book "Touching Lives"  and think you have done a good job of describing  what it feels like to have depression and how to manage it long term.  You have given people some good ideas they could try to help themselves.

It is a short book that is practical and easy to read.   Good on you for getting your story out there.  Your book will be placed in our library for others to share.

                                                                                        Michelle Smith - Capri Hospital

Hi Margie,


OMG we love reading 'Gina & The Space Fairies'! Thank you so much.


Archer said to me after the first 10 minutes of listening to it -"Mum - it's a good one !".         

Well done - we haven't finished it yet but we're thoroughly enjoying it, thank you                                                                                                                                         Gina Easton


Hi Margie,


Just want to let you know that when I dropped Olivia off at  Melville Kindergarton  I noticed the young teacher reading "Billy-Bob Bear" to the class.   Her comment to me was "I really love this story"                                                                                                        Laura Jones

Hi Marg,  Thank you for the books.  Just want to say Charlotte loves them and insists they are the ones she takes to bed with her.                                                                      Kevin Eames

Hi there,    Dylan (age 6)  just read "Gina & the Space Fairies".  He really enjoyed it and was amazed that it had been written by Margie.    His comment was "This is the greatest book I've ever read".                                                                                                Laura Jones